So what is the Guild about?
The Guild is your local Professional Photographer’s Association, just as Florida Professional Photographers is the State Association and the Professional Photographers Association of America is the national group. The Professional Photographers Guild of Mid Florida is the local association for central Florida professional photographers.

What does the Guild do anyways?
Members of the Guild meet on the first Thursday of the month for education, networking, idea exchange, product reviews, door prizes, friendship and maybe even a little friendly competition. The cost of each meeting for members is $25, which includes your meal, beverage and tip. There’s something going on every month!

First and foremost is education. In an industry that is constantly changing and growing, we strive to stay on top of emerging technology and trends. Seven months of the year we offer a 2-hour seminar by a professional photographer, speaking to earn his or her merits for degrees.  Subjects of some recent programs were Seniors, Lighting, Posing, Landscapes, Weddings, Marketing, Websites and more.

Three months of the year we have Salon, which is Print Education / Competition. Members enter images to compete for merits, First Place in each category and Best in Show. Points accumulate for the prestigious Photographer of the Year and Electronic Artist of the Year Awards. Images are judged by a guest panel of Master Photographers from around the state.  During and after judging, the panel will critique images to educate members as to how the image could be or could have been improved before moving it along to state, district and national competitions. This alone is worth many times the price of admission!

Won't You Join Us?